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Jonathan Bydlak in Reason: Don’t forget spending cuts

Making his debut this week in Reason, CRS founder and president Jonathan Bydlak points out that Congress seems on the verge of making a serious mistake as they push for changes to the tax code — forgetting the reason we’re taxed so much … Continue reading

Don’t use Jimmy Kimmel’s son to defend the status quo

This post originally appeared in Medium. On Tuesday morning, social media began to explode with what seemed like a refreshing break from the charged partisan bickering that’s been dominating post-election political discourse. In a tearful — and tear-jerking — monologue, late-night … Continue reading

This is why we need process reform

Late Monday night, news broke that lawmakers had reached a deal on a short-term spending package that will fund the government until September. This news came after Congress had previously passed a one-week funding package to give themselves just a little … Continue reading

CREATES Act Introduced

We’ve previously told you about ways by which outdated regulations make it harder for consumers to get affordable prescriptions and place more of a burden on taxpayers. Writing in Roll Call, Jonathan Bydlak ran down some of the most common ways this occurs: … Continue reading

Where does your tax money go?

As we approach this year’s Tax Day, we know that Americans have wildly different national priorities that they would like to see become reality — or perhaps, things they would prefer the government to step away from entirely. Thanks to … Continue reading