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Rep. Marchant’s debt limit bill comes to House floor tomorrow

UPDATE, 2/12: The bill passed 267-151 — great news for taxpayers! There hasn’t been a wealth of good fiscal news lately, but tomorrow, the House of Representatives will consider a bill that has the potential to target some of the root … Continue reading

NEWS RELEASE: Representative Culberson (TX-7) Signs ‘Reject the Debt’ Pledge

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Rebekah Johansen Tel.: (571) 257-5045 Email: REP. CULBERSON PLEDGES TO ‘REJECT THE DEBT’ IN 7TH DISTRICT CONGRESSIONAL RACE Culberson joins nonpartisan Coalition that includes Rep. Steve Chabot (OH-01), Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), and Rep. Mark Sanford (SC-1) … Continue reading

CBO: Debt on track to grow faster than the economy

The Congressional Budget Office is out with a new Budget and Economic Outlook today, and it’s bad news for those who’d like to believe all is well with the economy. Some key takeaways: The economy will grow for this year and next, and … Continue reading

Fact Check: Are healthcare costs ‘the lowest they’ve been in 50 years’?

In last night’s Democratic Presidential debate, Hillary Clinton came to the defense of the Affordable Care Act, which her Republican would-be rivals want to roll back — and her Democratic rival Senator Bernie Sanders wants to replace with a single-payer … Continue reading

Congress to vote on $1.1 trillion spending bill today

Today, Congress is likely to pass a 2,000-page deal that was unveiled at 2 AM last Wednesday morning. The House passed the measure earlier today, and it was sent to the Senate for likely passage. The deal is rustling feathers across the aisle … Continue reading