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After repeal, what’s next for healthcare?

Republicans in Congress may have voted overwhelmingly last week to start the ball rolling on Obamacare repeal, but larger-scale disagreements have not gone away. On the contrary, President-elect Trump’s recent pledges to ensure “insurance for everybody” have introduced a new wild … Continue reading

Did we just repeal Obamacare?

You’ll be hearing a lot in the upcoming days about this afternoon’s votes, and there is a lot of misinformation flying around on all sides. Below, check out an update from Coalition to Reduce Spending President Jonathan Bydlak that explains … Continue reading

Sen. Flake releases wastebook: PORKémon Go

Today, Sen. Jeff Flake released his second annual report, Wastebook: PORKémon Go, tracking 50 different examples of ridiculous waste, accounting for $5 billion in wasted taxpayer money. Examples include: $1.7 million for a comedy club starring holograms of dead comedians $74 million … Continue reading

GOP Repeal Unrest Grows

Amid the drama of this week’s confirmation hearings, a growing fight among GOP ranks is already coming to a head as Members face off over just how to repeal the President’s signature healthcare law and how much to prioritize spending … Continue reading

Sen. Paul: No Repeal Without Replacement

We’ve told you about the simmering fight among Republicans, almost all of whom want to repeal Obamacare in the new administration, over just how that repeal will take place. One side, generally, would like to pass repeal with a set … Continue reading