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Can free-market incentives help cut spending?

According to a new paper from the R Street Institute, the answer is yes — they could. In myriad sectors of the U.S. economy, from military technology to medical care, the federal government serves as the single-largest spender. As such, … Continue reading

Highway to savings?

Today, the House voted to approve a six-year, $325-billion highway bill. This bill includes only three years of highway funding and requires new legislation to fund the additional three years. Traditionally, highway funding has been paid for by the gas … Continue reading

“I’ll vote for your spending if you vote for mine” – Jonathan Bydlak discusses budget battles with the Cato Institute

Today, Coalition President Jonathan Bydlak sat down with the Cato Institute’s Caleb Brown to discuss recent budget battles, the recent Speaker election, and more. Take a listen!

CRS pledge signer becomes KY governor

We’re excited to see that former Coalition pledge signer Matt Bevin has won Kentucky’s gubernatorial race. While the pledge, which stipulates that Congressional candidates will not support unbalanced budgets or new spending that isn’t offset, does not specifically apply to executive … Continue reading

HR 3442 Aims to Inject Responsibility into Debt Limit Process

Last week the Treasury Department announced that the federal government will need to increase its borrowing limit by November 5th in order to pay its debts. H.R. 3442, the Debt Management and Fiscal Responsibility Act, introduced by Kenny Marchant (R-TX), … Continue reading