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Rand Paul proposes Pentagon spending boost

In a marked reversal of previous positions, Senator Rand Paul is proposing a Defense spending hike of around 16%. Via Time: the libertarian Senator introduced a budget amendment late Wednesday calling for a nearly $190 billion infusion to the defense … Continue reading

House faces off over Pentagon spending

In a rarely-used procedure, members of the House GOP are preparing to face off directly over funding for the nation’s largest chunk of discretionary spending. The move is called called “Queen of the Hill,” and it’s hardly ever used on … Continue reading

CRS signs letter urging waste reduction in timber Program

We were proud to sign onto a letter today urging Chairman Calvert to include language in the FY16 Interior Appropriations Bill to reduce waste in the Tongass Timber Program. Read the final text here.

First Take on the House Budget

In case you missed it, this morning, the House Budget Committee released its FY2016 Budget Resolution, A Balanced Budget for a Stronger America. We’re still preparing a more in-depth analysis for you, but in the meantime, here are some key … Continue reading

No one seems to know how many contractors work for the government

Taking on bloated government requires, well, knowing just how bloated it is. And as it turns out, that answer might be more elusive that you’d think. How large is the U.S. government’s contract workforce? The answer could help gauge how much federal agencies are … Continue reading