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Where does your tax money go?

As we approach this year’s Tax Day, we know that Americans have wildly different national priorities that they would like to see become reality — or perhaps, things they would prefer the government to step away from entirely. Thanks to … Continue reading

ICYMI: Jonathan Bydlak in Medium – New Media as a Change Agent

Most Americans want Congress to spend less, but politicians always seem to do the opposite. What’s the cause of this discrepancy? One key reason is the gap between what Washington is doing and how most Americans live our daily lives. … Continue reading

Tax day costs burden consumers

A report from our friends at the National Taxpayers Union sheds light on the real costs involved with big government, as taxpayers face not only what they owe the federal government but all of the costs involved with paying this money. … Continue reading

New year, same fiscal warnings

New year, same fiscal warnings. The Congressional Budget Office has released their annual long-term budget outlook for 2017 and, likely to nobody’s surprise, the results are eerily similar to their previous predictions. In the new report, CBO estimates that the … Continue reading

David Abroms (GA-6) explains why he pledged to Reject the Debt

The race to fill the open seat in Georgia’s 6th district is attracting nationwide headlines, but one issue getting less focus is nevertheless one of the most crucial for any race: Which candidates are serious about reducing spending and debt? Attempting … Continue reading