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Obamacare repeal could take years

In discouraging but perhaps unavoidable news, Politico today reports that Congressional Republicans seem to be coalescing around a plan that would include a vote to repeal the President’s signature law beginning in 2017, but with a process that will include at least … Continue reading

Obamacare repeal? The fight is just beginning

Writing today in Washington Post, Alan Fram highlights some serious problems for the new Republican Congress seeking to repeal the “huge and convoluted health care system.” Heading into a united government for the first time after nearly six years of attempts and pledges … Continue reading

What’s next for infrastructure?

There are serious and well-documented issues with America’s national infrastructure, and fixing the problems without busting the budget remains a challenge. And after Tuesday’s historic upset, President-elect Donald Trump is heading into office with this issue high on his agenda … Continue reading

Col. Rob Maness Signs Reject the Debt

The Coalition is pleased to announce that Col. Rob Maness, candidate for Senate in Louisiana, has signed the Coalition’s pledge to Reject the Debt. Maness, one of several candidates seeking to replace retiring Senator David Vitter, previously signed the pledge … Continue reading

More budget dysfunction on its way

As Congress lurches its way through another season of instability and fiscal cliffs, leaders had hoped that the lame duck session would at least offer some hope to pass longer-term legislation, or “mini-buses.” However, it’s looking increasingly likely that this … Continue reading