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UPDATED: Senate passes continuing resolution

In spite of various controversies rumbling in Congress, the Senate this morning passed a temporary funding measure that funds the government at its current levels until December 11, with 87 Yeses. If the House passes the bill, the standoff is … Continue reading

New study takes a closer look at coalition advocacy

It can be difficult to convey the type of work we and others do every day here in Washington, DC, to push back against the ever-rising tide of government spending. But a new study released today gives some insight into … Continue reading

Coalition: Keep the budget caps

Today, we were proud to add our name to a list over two-dozen organizations urging politicians to keep their word and not give up on the Budget Control Act. The full PDF is available here. Dear Member of Congress: On … Continue reading

Jonathan Bydlak: More federal money won’t solve student loan crisis

Writing today in Rare, CRS president Jonathan Bydlak takes on a looming issue facing the country: Growing student loan debts. Unsurprisingly, the issue has begun to register in the 2016 presidential race, although the bulk of the plans presented so far would all come … Continue reading

Another government cost prediction falls wildly off base

When most individuals make an accounting error, it looks like a $35 late fee on their credit card statement.  When a government entity — in this case, the United States Air Force — makes an accounting mistake, it apparently looks … Continue reading