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Coburn releases ‘Wastebook’

Today, Senator Tom Coburn released his annual Wastebook. In it, he covers wasteful spending on everything from vacations for bureaucrats to marketing money for a little-used airport. The report notes the troubling fact that Congress often doesn’t just spend; it … Continue reading

Louisiana Candidates Reject the Debt

By and large, the 2014 primary season has come to a close. With less than a month until the election, most states are done with everything but the last push of the election. But there’s one notable exception: Louisiana. Perhaps … Continue reading

Voters want Congress to cut spending; doubt it will

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, American voters understand more about the nation’s fiscal woes than many would give them credit for — and are pessimistic about Congress’s ability to fix the situation. In reacting to the nation’s current economic … Continue reading

Americans don’t know how the government spends money

Washington Post reports on one of the biggest challenges facing spending reformers: lack of information. The Pew Research Center recently polled Americans on how much they know about events in the news (want to test yourself? go take their quiz). … Continue reading

Secret Service scandal shows every department needs reform

Recently, controversy has erupted, as the Secret Service allowed an intruder to run past the locked gates and security barricades and run all the way into the White House — eventually being tackled only by an off-duty officer. This follows … Continue reading