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Bydlak: Reform the VA responsibly

Today, Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Jeff Miller unveiled their plan to reform the badly broken Veterans Administration system. This bill would aim to scale down wait times, increase oversight, and provide care for neglected veterans. Under this plan, VA … Continue reading

House members introducing Ukraine military aid bill

They don’t have to look very far to find reasons to spend more money. We’re hearing word that today, three Representatives are introducing legislation to provide direct military aid to Ukraine, as a result of last week’s shooting down of  … Continue reading

A reminder of the Farm Bill’s absurdity

Sometimes, it is crystal clear just how out-of-touch Congress and federal spending programs are with the rest of the country. This morning in his opening remarks at a Small Business subcommittee hearing, Rep. Scott Tipton (CO-3) called for changing the … Continue reading

Follow the money: The Campaign Contributions Behind the F-35

We know the F-35 is an embarrassingly flawed and absurdly expensive program. And we also know that members of Congress keep voting over and over to keep the program on taxpayer-funded life support. And now, from The National Law Review, … Continue reading

Shady dealing and improper payments

Reporting in National Review, Dustin Siggins takes on some recent budget news: Each year, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) releases a report on the amount of federal outlays that qualify as “improper payments.” In this year’s report, which shows $105.8 billion … Continue reading