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Budget Deal: Both Good and Bad News

In case you missed it, last night around 8 PM, the House and Senate released a budget deal that was part omnibus (various appropriations bills tacked together) and part continuing resolution (a temporary funding bill). This legislation is over 1,600 … Continue reading

NDAA agreement is a bad deal for taxpayers

The House and Senate have reached an agreement on proceeding with this year’s National Defense Authorization Act — and it’s bad news for those who care about budget cuts. The House today filed its version of the final agreement, and … Continue reading

50,000 ‘ghost’ soldiers in Iraqi army

While Congress moves forward with the 2015 Defense Budget that requests $1.2 billion in training and equipment for the Iraqi army next year, a startling report has come to light. The Iraqi army has been paying salaries to at least … Continue reading

Sen. Sessions: We should know additional funds are necessary

With Republicans now in charge of the Senate, many are counting on a rollback of sequestration and budget caps on the Pentagon. But one Alabama lawmaker could stand in the way of hasty plans to spend more taxpayer money carelessly. … Continue reading

Hagel to resign

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who has presided over everything from sequestration to the recent ISIS unrest, is set to resign today, the New York Times reports: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is stepping down under pressure, the first cabinet-level casualty of … Continue reading