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Highway fix should concern fiscal conservatives

UPDATE, July 29: The House has passed its short-term measure, and the Senate is expected to pass the House’s version, which the President intends to sign. Congress will revisit the matter in October. On Wednesday the Senate passed their long term version … Continue reading

Congress fails to force vote on ACA defund

Congress on Sunday failed to force a procedural vote to defund the controversial Affordable Care Act, reports The Salt Lake Tribune: Sen. Mike Lee failed Sunday to use a procedural method to force a vote on repealing Obamacare as his … Continue reading

Jonathan Bydlak in FEE: Green Banks Will Drown in the Red

Writing today at the Foundation for Economic Education’s Anything Peaceful, CRS president Jonathan Bydlak takes on a little-known but important area of government spending: Green banks. Why does federal spending matter? There are many reasons, but perhaps the most fundamental is that … Continue reading

Jonathan Bydlak in Rare: Stop Mischaracterizing Budget Rules

Writing today in Rare, CRS president Jonathan Bydlak criticizes politicians who insist on mischaracterizing the budget rules in an attempt to roll them back. In his speech, McCain took aim—admirably so—at waste and abuse in the Pentagon, echoing budget hawks by saying that the … Continue reading

Creative highway funding solutions?

The SKILLS Visa Act, which was introduced last year, would increase the amount of H-1 VISAs available for foreign students looking to work in the United States. This bill would allow over 100,000 new visas for highly skilled immigrants.   … Continue reading