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Congress prepares to pour billions into Iraq… again

Update: the House approved this plan 256-156 last night. We thought we had good budget news for a little while. At least, somewhat good news. As you might remember, Congress couldn’t do its job last year and finish the appropriations … Continue reading

U.S. to commit $500 million to fight Ebola

The Ebola outbreak is undoubtedly a crisis, and the level to which the United States ought to get involved is a valid discussion. However, today we see yet another example of why the Pentagon’s Overseas Contingency Operations budget is in … Continue reading

Continuing Resolution: Good and Bad News

In case you missed it, House Appropriations Chair Hal Rogers this week introduced a continuing resolution to fund the government (since Congress couldn’t finish doing its job with the budget). The legislation, H.J.Res.124, continues funding for government programs and services … Continue reading

Saving money on the Farm Bill

As you know, the U.S. Farm Bill system has evolved over the years from a supposedly temporary measure to help struggling family farmers to one of the starkest examples of broken government and crony capitalism. We know it’s outdated, created … Continue reading

Congress: Don’t charge us for your mistakes

Congress comes back from recess next week, and amidst the foreign crises and partisan squabbling, there’s something else you should know: Congress is quietly preparing to charge the American people for its mistakes. You see, last year, for the first … Continue reading