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Bad news for Medicare

We hear a lot about the date at which the Medicare trust fund is projected to deplete (in the latest report, around 2030). But there’s another side of things. As Dr. Charles Blahous points out, “This fund represents but one … Continue reading

CBO Report: Here’s what you need to know

In a press conference last Thursday morning, CBO director Doug Elmendorf reviewed the updated budget and economic outlook forecast. Here’s what you need to know about the news. There’s some good news in the short term. Deficits are continuing to … Continue reading

Government money tracking “suspicious memes.”

 File under “we can’t make this stuff up.” Reason reports on a program the National Science Foundation has financed to the tune of over $919,000. Researchers at Indiana University have created a web service that monitors “suspicious memes” and so-called … Continue reading

See Jonathan with Gov. Mike Pence

Next week, CRS president Jonathan Bydlak will be joining Americans for Prosperity in Dallas, Texas, for their Defending the American Dream summit. Jonathan speaking at LPAC 2013, photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore  He’ll be joined on a panel with Governor … Continue reading

Congress prepares to kill the sequester

This news is disappointing but hardly surprising. Establishment politicians all but ignored the sequester for this fiscal year, and we know they’ve been hard at work finding a way to wriggle out of the rules (small, automatic spending cuts) they … Continue reading