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Jonathan Bydlak in Rare: The road to debt crisis is a marathon, not a sprint

Writing today in Rare, CRS president Jonathan Bydlak takes on the unfolding Greek debt crisis and what the United States can learn from it. On July 4, millions of Americans will be relaxing under blue skies, watching fireworks, and fighting family … Continue reading

Straight Talk: What’s next for Social Security Disability?

Originally posted at the Institute to Reduce Spending. The Basics: Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, is a component of the overall Social Security program. Its official purpose is providing monthly payments to workers with disabling medical conditions that prevent … Continue reading

Jonathan Bydlak in Rare: ACA puts America in fiscal jeopardy

Writing today in Rare, Jonathan Bydlak takes on this morning’s Supreme Court decision: In a majority opinion authored by Chief Justice Roberts, the Court held the challenge invalid, calling on precedent that “The Court nevertheless must do its best ‘bearing in mind the … Continue reading

Supreme Court upholds the ACA

‪Breaking‬ news out of Washington this morning, as the US Supreme Court has just ruled 6-3 to uphold the Affordable Care Act’s federal subsidies in ‪‎King v. Burwell‬. In a majority opinion authored by Chief Justice Roberts, the Court held … Continue reading

When is an increase not an increase?

Originally posted at Institute to Reduce Spending You might have heard that House Appropriations has approved a large increase in funding for food safety activities: The House Appropriations Committee has allocated a $41.5-million increase for the Food and Drug Administration’s food safety activities … Continue reading