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A Fiscally Conservative Solution to Homelessness

This article from Politico reminds us all that fiscal conservatism and helping those most at need do not have to be mutually exclusive ideals. The city is putting the people most at risk of dying on the streets into homes … Continue reading

Another Short-Term Spending Bill

The House is expected to pass a stop-gap spending bill that will keep the government funded through April 28th. This coincides with Trump’s request to Congressional leaders that they postpone the biggest spending decisions until he is in office. House … Continue reading

Budget Outlook: The Path Ahead

The outcome of the 2016 Presidential election has inspired a change in House Republicans’ plans for our nation’s budget. Today, Vice President-elect Mike Pence will travel to the Hill in order to shore up support for a Continuing Resolution (CR) … Continue reading

Paul Stanton signs Reject the Debt pledge

Paul Stanton, Army Vet and the Libertarian Party candidate for Florida’s Senate election, is proud to sign the Reject the Debt pledge. Stanton is a staunch advocate for reducing spending, and has been critical of Washington’s inability to address our … Continue reading

Watchdog group sheds light on agency misuse of funds

The Government Accountability Office found that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been illegally prioritizing payments to insurance companies over funds reserved for American taxpayers. The report comes at a time when more and more insurance companies are … Continue reading