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Is Obamacare Repeal Back from the Dead?

With the potential for a government shutdown looming over Washington, it appears that Congressional Republicans have reinvigorated their efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The recently released  “MacArthur Amendment”  to the American Health Care Act’s (AHCA) is reportedly an attempt to … Continue reading

Special Election Candidates Pledge to Reject the Debt

Georgia’s 6th Congressional district and South Carolina’s 5th contain a myriad of qualified candidates, but so far, two candidates have been willing to put their fiscally conservative promises onto paper. Mrs. Sheri Few will be competing in the May 2nd … Continue reading

Trump Releases “Skinny Budget” Outline

Today the Trump Administration released its latest policy outline, but failing to fully address the nation’s nearly half-trillion dollar budget deficit. The “skinny budget” includes only top-line proposals for departments and agencies, while fiscal conservatives must wait until May for the … Continue reading

Republicans Ready to Act on ACA Replacement

Republicans gathered in Philadelphia this week in order to hash out their legislative priorities for the year, and priority number one will be repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act by April. At the moment, there are multiple replacement plans … Continue reading

Transportation Funding: The Road Ahead

“That’s not a trillion dollars coming from the federal taxpayer into the transportation system.” That was House Speaker Paul Ryan attempting to quell concerns that President Trump’s transportation fix could potentially break the bank. While on the campaign trail, President … Continue reading