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CBO: Obamacare repeal will reduce deficit by $337 billion

This post originally appeared at Institute to Reduce Spending. The Congressional Budget Office has released their long-awaited score for the American Health Care Act—the ACA replacement legislation. The 37-page cost estimate details the spending implications of enacting this legislation, a … Continue reading

Jonathan Bydlak in Forbes: Bloated Defense Budgets Put America’s Troops At Risk

Writing today in Forbes, CRS founder and president Jonathan Bydlak takes on a timely issue: Big Pentagon budgets and how wasteful spending in the country’s largest bureaucracy harms our country’s soldiers. How much does the Department of Defense (DoD) waste on overhead … Continue reading

Jonathan Bydlak in The Hill: How to miss the point and make Americans pay

Writing in The Hill, Coalition president Jonathan Bydlak takes on a recent contentious issue for DC policymakers: The so-called border-adjusted tax. While the Coalition is neutral on tax policy, we are deeply concerned to see policymakers  apparently forgetting the root of the problem: Spending. … Continue reading


We are so excited to announce that the first-ever real-time spending tracker is online! Check it out now at This powerful tool has been on our workbench here at the Coalition for nearly the past two years. And every day … Continue reading

Rebekah Bydlak in FEE: Focus on the True Tax

Writing yesterday in FEE, CRS’s Rebekah Bydlak takes on the latest viral news story to hit political circles — and urges fiscal conservatives not to take our eyes off the ball. Over recent weeks, the nation’s news cycle and news feeds have … Continue reading