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We are so excited to announce that the first-ever real-time spending tracker is online! Check it out now at This powerful tool has been on our workbench here at the Coalition for nearly the past two years. And every day … Continue reading

Rebekah Bydlak in FEE: Focus on the True Tax

Writing yesterday in FEE, CRS’s Rebekah Bydlak takes on the latest viral news story to hit political circles — and urges fiscal conservatives not to take our eyes off the ball. Over recent weeks, the nation’s news cycle and news feeds have … Continue reading

Final debate to cover spending and debt… finally

After two Presidential debates and one Vice Presidential debate that barely touched upon the looming $20 trillion debt and the spending that drives it, fiscal conservatives will finally have our moment in Wednesday night’s debate. It may not be a particularly … Continue reading

Will first Presidential debate ignore spending?

This post originally appeared at the Institute to Reduce Spending. The long-awaited Presidential debate season kicks off tonight as Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump squares off against the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. The debate will take place at 9:00 PM … Continue reading

Accurate Accounting Act Takes Aim at Budget Dysfunction

On Thursday, Representative Tom Graves (GA-14) introduced the Accurate Accounting Act of 2016, which would make three distinct changes to the federal budgetary process. The bill would attempt to bring Social Security under the regular discretion of Congress as well … Continue reading